High Speed Cmos Logic 4-bit X 16-word Fifo Register

  The Harris CD74HC40105 and CD74HCT40105 are highspeed silicon-gate CMOS devices that are compatible, except for ?shift-out? circuitry, with the Harris CD40105B. They are low-power ?rst-in-out (FIFO) ?elastic? storage Registers that can store 16 four-bit words. The 40105 is capable of handling input and output data at different shifting rates. This feature makes particularly useful as a Buffer between asynchronous systems. Each work position in the Register is clocked by a control ?ip?op, which stores a marker bit. A ?1? signi?es that the position?s data is ?lled and a ?0? denotes a vacancy in that position. The control ?ip-?op detects the state of the preceding ?ip-?op and communicates its own status to the succeeding ?ip-?op. When a control ?ip-?op is in the ?0? state and sees a ?1? in the preceeding ?ip-?op, it generates a clock pulse that transfers data from the preceding four data Latches into its own four data Latches and resets the preceding ?ip-?op to ?0?. The ?rst and last control ?ip-?ops have buffered outputs. Since all empty locations ?bubble? automatically to the input end, and all valid data ripple through to the output end, the status of the ?rst control ?ip-?op (DATA-IN READY) indicates if the FIFO is full, and the status of the last ?ip-?op (DATAOUT READY) indicates if the FIFO contains data. As the earliest data are removed from the bottom of the data stack (the output end), all data entered later will automatically propagate (ripple) toward the output.
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