Bicmos Fct Interface Logic, 10- Bit D-type Flip-flops, Three-state

  The CD74FCT821A and CD74FCT822A ten bit, D-Type, three-state, positive edge triggered ?ip-?ops use a small geometry BiCMOS technology. The output stage is a combination of bipolar and CMOS Transistors that limits the output HIGH level to two Diode drops below VCC. This resultant lowering of output swing (0V to 3.7V) reduces power bus ringing (a source of EMI) and minimizes VCC bounce and ground bounce and their effects during simultaneous output switching. The output con?guration also enhances switching speed and is capable of sinking 48 milliamperes. The ten ?ip-?ops enter data into their Registers on the LOW to HIGH transition of the clock(CP). The Output Enable (OE) controls the three state outputs and is independent of the Register operation. When the Output Enable (OE) is HIGH, the outputs are in the high impedance state. The CD74FCT821A and CD74FCT822A share the same con?gurations, but the CD74FCT821A outputs are noninverted while the CD74FCT822A devices have inverted outputs.
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CD74FCT822AEN   CD74FCT822A   CD74FCT821AM   CD74FCT821AEN  
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