8-channel, 10-bit, 40msps Adc With Serial Lvds Interface

  The ADS5275 is a high-performance, 40MSPS, 8-channel, parallel analog-to-digital converter (ADC). Internal references are provided, simplifying system design requirements. Low power consumption allows for the highest of system integration densities. Serial LVDS (low-voltage differential signaling) outputs reduce the number of Interface lines and package size. In LVDS an integrated phase lock loop multiplies the incoming ADC sampling clock by a factor of 6. This high-frequency LVDS clock is used in the data serialization and transmission process and is converted to an LVDS signal for transmission in parallel with the data. Providing this additional LVDS clock allows for easy delay matching. The word output of each internal ADC is serialized and transmitted either MSB or LSB first. The bit following the rising edge of the ADC clock output is the first bit of the word.
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