Z-accel 2.4 Ghz Zigbee R Processor

  The CC2480 (formerly known as CCZACC06) is a cost-effective, low power, Z-Accel ZigBee Processor that provides full ZigBee functionality with a minimal development effort. Z-Accel is a solution where TI?s ZigBee stack, Z-Stack, runs on a ZigBee Processor and the application runs on an external Microcontroller The CC2480 handles all the timing critical and processing intensive ZigBee protocol tasks, and leaves the resources of the application Microcontroller free to handle the application. Z-Accel makes it easy to add ZigBee to new or existing products at the same time as it provides great flexibility in choice of Microcontroller
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CC2480A1RTCR   CC2480A1RTC  
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