Digital Media System-on-chip Dmsoc

  The DM335 processor is a low-cost, low-power processor providing advanced graphical user Interface for display applications that do not require video compression and decompression. Coupled with a video processing subsystem (VPSS) that provides 720p display, the DM335 processor is powered by a 135/216/270 MHz ARM926EJ-S core so developers can create feature rich graphical user Interfaces allowing customers to interact with their portable, electronic devices such as video-enabled universal remote controls, Internet radio, e-books, video doorbells and digital telescopes. The new DM335 is packed with the same peripherals as its predecessor, the TMS320DM355 device, including high speed USB 2.0 on-the-go, external Memory Interface (EMIF), mobile DDR/DDR2, two SDIO ports, three UART Ports, two Audio Serial Ports, three SPI Ports, and SLC/MCL NAND Flash Memory support. These peripherals help customers create DM355 processor-based designs that add video and Audio excitement to a wide range of today's static user-interface applications while keeping silicon costs and power consumption low. The new digital media processor is completely scalable with the DM355 processor and Digital Video Evaluation Board (DVEVM), allowing customers to utilize their same code for their new DM335 processor focused designs. The new DM335 device delivers a sophisticated suite of capabilities allowing for flexible image capture and display. Through its user Interface technology, such as a four-level on-screen display, developers are able to create picture-within-picture and video-within-video as well as innovative graphic user Interfaces This is especially important for portable products that require the use of button or Touch Screen such as portable karaoke, video surveillance and electronic gaming
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