2.25 Mhz Dual Step Down Converter With 3 Low-input Voltage Ldos

  The TPS65058 is an integrated Power Management IC for applications powered by one Li-Ion or Li-Polymer cell, which require multiple power rails. The TPS65058 provides two highly efficient, 2.25MHz step down converters targeted at providing the core voltage and I/O voltage in a processor based system. Both Step-down converters enter a low power mode at light load for maximum efficiency across the widest possible range of load currents. For low noise applications, the devices can be forced into fixed frequency PWM mode by pulling the MODE pin high. Both converters allow the use of small Inductors and Capacitors to achieve a small solution size. TPS65058 provides an output current of up to 0.6A on the DCDC1 converter, and up to 1A on the DCDC2 converter. The TPS65058 also integrates one 400mA LDO and two 200MA LDO Voltage Regulators which can be turned on/off using separate enable pins on each LDO. Each LDO operates with an input voltage range between 1.5V and 6.5V allowing them to be supplied from one of the step down converters or directly from the main Battery The TPS65058 comes in a small 24-pin leadless package (4mm ? 4mm QFN) with a 0,5mm pitch.
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