Single Chip 3 Or 4 Cell Li-ion Battery Management Controller With Powerpump Tm Cell Balancing Technology

  The BQ6400 Battery Management Controller is a complete Li-Ion control, monitoring, and safety solution designed for notebook computers and portable equipment. It is designed specifically to provide an enhanced, optimized solution for packs using three or four series cells. The BQ6400 provides accurate gas gauging while providing control, Communications and safety functions for the system. It provides simultaneous, synchronized voltage and temperature measurements using one A/D per-cell technology. Voltage measurements are also simultaneous with pack current measurements, eliminating system induced noise from measurements. This allows the precise, continuous, real-time calculation of cell impedance under all operating conditions, even during widely fluctuating loads. PowerPump? technology transfers charge between cells to balance their voltage and capacity. Balancing is programmable during all Battery modes: Charge, discharge, and rest. Highly efficient charge transfer circuitry nearly eliminates energy loss while providing true real-time balance between cells, resulting in longer run-time and improved cell cycle life. Temperature is sensed by one internal and up to 12 external Sensors This permits accurate temperature monitoring of each cell individually as well as pack protection MOSFETs. Internal firmware is then able to compensate for the temperature induced effects on cell capacity, impedance, and OCV on a cell-by-cell basis, resulting in superior charge/discharge and balancing control. Support for Intel? Adaptive Mobile Power System (AMPS) requirements for Battery and MOSFET control is built-in. User definable inputs require no external hardware translation logic. The BQ6400 is completely user-configurable with parametric tables in Flash Memory to suit a
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