1000/720ma Ultra Small High Efficient Single/dual Led Flash Driver With Safety Features

  The AS3645 is an inductive high efficient DCDC step up converter with two current sources. The DCDC step up converter operates at a fixed frequency of 2MHz and includes soft startup to allow easy integration into noise sensitive RF systems. The two current sources (one for driving one or two Flash LEDs and one for the indicator LED) can operate in Flash / torch / assist (=video) light / indicator modes. If a two Flash LEDs configuration is used, the LEDs are connected in series. Therefore iden tical current is guaranteed. The AS3645 includes Flash timeout, overvoltage, over- temperature, undervoltage and LED short circuit protec tion functions. The AS3645 can be controlled either with parallel inter- face mode to allow simple integration. Alternatively it can be controlled by I 2 C mode to allow a more sophisti- cated control of all settings like currents and timings. The Interface is selected by a dedicated pin (I2C/EN). The AS3645 is available in a space-saving WL-CSP package measuring only 2x1.6mm and operates over the -30?C to +85?C temperature range.
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