150ma, Adaptive Low Drop-out Linear Regulator

  The AS1367 is a precise, low noise, high speed, low dropout Regulator with adaptive operation. Features included are high ripple rejection and low dropout volt- age, a reference voltage source, an error amplifier and a current limiter. The AS1367 provides high speed operation, low power consumption and high efficiency by automatically switching between a light load and a heavy load mode depending upon the output current level. The EN function enables the output to be turned off, while the electric charge at the output Capacitor is discharged via the internal auto-discharge resistance, and as a result the VOUT pin quickly returns to the GND level. Furthermore a Bypass Pin is included to reduce noise. The device features integrate short-circuit and over current protection. Under-Voltage lockout prevents erratic operation when the input voltage is slowly decaying. Thermal Protection shuts down the device when die temperature reaches 160?C. This is a useful protection when the device is under sustained short circuit conditions. The device is available in a 8-pin TDFN 2x2 package.
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