1 To 2.6 Gbps Transceiver

  The TLK2541 is a member of the WizardLink Transceiver family of multigigabit Transceivers intended for use in high-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission systems. The TLK2541 supports an effective serial Interface speed of 1 Gbps to 1.3 Gbps or 2 to 2.6 Gbps, providing over 2 Gbps of data bandwidth. The primary application of this chip is to provide high-speed I/O data channels for point-to-point baseband data transmission over controlled impedance media of approximately 50?. The transmission media can be printed-circuit board, copper cables, or fiber-optic cable. The maximum rate and distance of data transfer is dependent upon the attenuation characteristics of the media and the noise coupling to the environment. The TLK2541 allows for independent transmit and receive data rate operation for applications that need asymmetrical data rates such as Passive Optical Networking. This device can also be used to replace parallel data transmission architectures by providing a reduction in the number of traces, connector terminals, and transmit/receive terminals. Parallel data loaded into the Transmitter is delivered to the Receiver over a serial channel, which can be a coaxial copper cable, a controlled impedance backplane, or an optical link. It is then reconstructed into its original parallel format. It offers significant power and cost savings over parallel solutions, as well as scalability for higher data rates. At full rate, the TLK2541 performs Data Conversion parallel-to-serial and serial-to-parallel. The clock extraction functions as a physical layer Interface device. The serial Transceiver Interface operates at a maximum speed of 2.6 Gbps. The Transmitter Latches 20 parallel data at a rate based on the supplied transmit clock (TX_CLK).. The 20-bit
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