4mhz, Low Voltage, Dc-dc Step-up Converter

  The AS1330 is a synchronous, low voltage, high efficiency DC-DC boost converter running at a constant frequency of 4MHz. This very high Oscillator frequency allows the usage of a very a small and low profile Inductor with only 470nH. This results in a board space requirement of only 43mm? for the complete solutions including all external components. AS1330 generates an output voltage between 1.8 and 3.3V from input voltages down to 0.6V. Therefore it is ideal for application powered by a single cell Battery AS1330 provides an output current of 150mA @ 3.3V from a single cell. To support high efficiency across the entire load range the AS1330 is equipped with a synchronous Rectifier and features a power save mode for light loads. To avoid harmful deep discharge of the Battery during shutdown the AS1330 is equipped with an output disconnect function. AS1330 can either monitor the Battery voltage (Sense pin) or report the status of the output voltage (POK). The AS1330 is available in a TDFN (2x2mm) 8-pin pack- age.
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