1.8v To 5.5v, 80 ? A, 14- And 16-bit, Low-power, Single-channel, Digital-to-analog Converters In Sc70 Package

  The DAC8311 (14-bit) and DAC8411 (16-bit) are low-power, single-channel, voltage output Digital-to-Analog converters (DAC). They provide excellent linearity and minimize undesired code-to-code transient voltages while offering an easy upgrade path within a pin-compatible family. All devices use a versatile, 3-WIRE serial Interface that operates at clock rates of up to 50MHz and is compatible with standard SPI?, QSPI?, MICROWIRE?, and digital signal processor (DSP) Interfaces All devices use an external power supply as a reference voltage to set the output range. The devices incorporate a power-on reset (POR) circuit that ensures the DAC output powers up at 0V and remains there until a valid write to the device occurs. The DAC8311 and DAC8411 contain a power-down feature, accessed over the serial Interface that reduces current consumption of the device to 0.1?A at 1.8V in power down mode. The low power consumption of this part in normal operation makes it ideally suited for portable, battery-operated equipment. The power consumption is 0.55mW at 5V, reducing to 2.5?W in power-down mode. These devices are pin-compatible with the DAC5311 DAC6311 and DAC7311 offering an easy upgrade path from 8-, 10-, and 12-bit resolution to 14- and 16-bit. All devices are available in a small, 6-pin, SC70 package. This package offers a flexible, pin-compatible, and functionally-compatible drop-in solution within the family over an extended temperature range of ?40?C to +125?C.
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