14/12-bit, 250/210 Msps Adcs With Ddr Lvds And Parallel Cmos Outputs

  ADS614X (ADS612X) is a family of 14-bit (12-bit) A/D Converters with sampling rates up to 250 MSPS. It combines high dynamic performance and low power consumption in a compact 48 QFN package. This makes it well-suited for multicarrier, wide band-width Communications applications. ADS614X/2X has fine gain options that can be used to improve SFDR performance at lower full-scale input ranges. It includes a dc offset correction loop that can be used to cancel the ADC offset. Both DDR LVDS (Double Data Rate) and parallel CMOS digital output Interfaces are available. At lower sampling rates, the ADC automatically operates at scaled down power with no loss in performance. It includes internal references while the traditional reference pins and associated decoupling Capacitors have been eliminated. Nevertheless, the device can also be driven with an external reference. The device is specified over the industrial temperature range (?40?C to 85?C).
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