Ten Output High Performance Clock Synchronizer, Jitter Cleaner, And Clock Distributor

  The CDCE72010 is a high-performance, low phase noise, and low skew clock synchronizer that synchronizes a VCXO (Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator) or VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) frequency to one of two reference clocks. The clock path is fully programmable providing the user with a high degree of flexibility. The following relationship applies to the dividers: Frequency (VCXO_IN or AUX_IN) / Frequency (PRI_REF or SEC_REF) = (R*M) / (P*N) The VC(X)O_IN clock operates up to 1.5GHZ through the selection of external VC(X)O and loop Filter components. The PLL loop bandwidth and damping factor can be adjusted to meet different system requirements. The CDCE72010 can lock to one of two reference clock inputs (PRI_REF and SEC_REF) and supports frequency hold-over mode for fail-safe and system redundancy. The outputs of the CDCE72010 are user definable and can be any combination of up to 10 LVPECL LVDS outputs or up to 20 LVCMOS outputs. The built-in synchronization Latches ensure that all outputs are synchronized for very low output skew. All device settings, including output signaling, divider value selection, input selection, and many more, are programmable with the SPI 4-WIRE Serial Peripheral Interface). The SPI allows individual control of the device settings. The device operates in a 3.3V environment and is characterized for operation from ?40?C to +85?C.
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