1.5-w Constant Output Power Class-d Audio Amplifier With Integrated Boost Converter

  The TPA2014D1 is a high efficiency Class-D Audio Power Amplifier with an integrated boost converter. It drives up to 1.5 W (10% THD+N) into a 8 ? Speaker from a 3.6 V supply. With 85% typical efficiency, the TPA2014D1 helps extend Battery life when playing Audio The built-in boost converter generates a higher voltage rail for the Class-D amplifier. This provides a louder Audio output than a stand-alone amplifier connected directly to the Battery It also maintains a consistent loudness, regardless of Battery voltage. Additionally, the boost converter can be used to supply external devices. The TPA2014D1 has an integrated low pass Filter to improve RF rejection and reduce out-of-band noise, increasing the signal to noise ratio (SNR). A built-in PLL synchronizes the boost converter and Class-D switching frequencies, thus eliminating beat frequencies and improving Audio quality. All outputs are fully protected against shorts to ground, power supply, and output-to-output shorts.
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