Dual, Wideband, High Output Current Operational Amplifier With Active Off-line Control

  The OPA2673 provides the high output current and low distortion required in emerging Power Line Modem driver applications. Operating on a single +12V supply, the OPA2673 consumes a low 16mA/ch quiescent current to deliver a very high 700mA output current. This output current supports even the most demanding Power Line Modem requirements with greater than 460mA minimum output current (+25?C minimum value) with low harmonic distortion. Power control features are included to allow system power consumption to be minimized. Two logic control lines allow four quiescent power settings: full power, 75% bias power in applications that are less demanding, 50% bias power cutback for short loops, and offline with active offline control to present a high impedance even with large signals present at the output pin. Specified on ?6V supplies (to support +12V operation), the OPA2673 also supports up to +13V single or ?6.5V dual supplies. Video applications benefit from a very high output current to drive up to 10 parallel video loads (15?) with < 0.1%/0.1? dG/d? nonlinearity.
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