Switching Power Controller Ic

  Switching Power Controller IC H970 is a high performance current mode PWM Controller It?s specifically designed for AC/DC adapter, providing as high as 12W continuous power output in a wide input voltage range from 85V AC to 265V AC. The peak output power can reach as high as 18W.The controller can be typically used in fly-back circuit topology, formed a simplicity AC/DC adapter. The distinctively start-up circuit, by using bootstrap circuit and the amplified of power Transistors significantly decreases the power dissipation of the start-up Resistor The Oscillator frequency will automatically be lower while the output power is smaller. And this will extremely decrease the IC?s standby power dissipation. At the off-state of power Transistor the reverse bias of Emit of power Transistor let the power source drop to the CB junction of power transistor?up to 700V DC?.This directly enhances the safety area of power Transistor Besides, it also includes over load protection, anti-saturation and over temperature protection. These integrated Circuits feature can avoid abnormal situation such as overloading, Transformers saturation and the short of output that improves the reliability of power device. Current limit and the Oscillator frequency can be set by external component.
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