Complementary Output Hall Effect Sensor Ic

  Complementary Output Hall Effect Sensor IC H288 is designed to integrate Hall Sensor with output driver together on the same chip. It is suitable for dual coils brush-less DC Motors dual coils brush-less DC Fan, Speed measurement, and revolution counting. It includes a bandgap reference voltage source, a Hall device, a amplifier, a Hysteresis controller and a open-collector output drive capable of sinking up to 300mA current load. An on-chip protection Diode is implemented to prevent reverse power fault. H288 has a control circuit to prevent ?dead angle? from logic race condition in DC Fan. It has excellent characteristic of temperature compensation. The internal temperature compensated voltage source can let Sensor to get uniform sensitivity in a wide temperature range. It is rated for operation over temperature rage from -20oC to +85oC and voltage ranges from 3.0V to 20V.
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