High Efficiency, Off-line, High Brightness Led Driver

  The CPC9909 is a low cost, high-efficiency, offline, high-brightness (HB) LED driver manufactured using Clare?s high voltage BCDMOS on SOI process. This driver has an internal Regulator that allows it to operate from 8VDC to 550VDC . This wide input operating voltage range enables the driver to be used in a broad range of HB LED applications. The CPC9909 features pulse frequency modulation (PFM) with a constant peak-current control scheme. This regulation scheme is inherently stable, allowing the driver to be operated above 50% duty cycle without open loop instability or sub-harmonic oscillations. LED dimming can be implemented by applying a small DC voltage to the LD pin, or by applying a low frequency PWM signal to the PWMD pin. The CPC9909 is available in a standard 8-LEAD SOIC package and a thermally enhanced 8-LEAD SOIC package with an exposed thermal pad (EP).
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