Floating-point Digital Signal Processor

  The TMS320C67x DSPs are the floating-point DSP family in the TMS320C6000 DSP platform. The TMS320C6701 (C6701) device is based on the high-performance, advanced VelociTI very-long-instruction-word (VLIW) architecture developed by Texas Instruments (TI), making this DSP an excellent choice for multichannel and multifunction applications. With performance of up to 1 giga floating-point operations per second (GFLOPS) at a clock rate of 167 MHz, the C6701 offers cost-effective solutions to high-performance DSP programming challenges. The C6701 DSP possesses the operational flexibility of high-speed controllers and the numerical capability of array processors. This processor has 32 general-purpose Registers of 32-bit word length and eight highly independent functional units. The eight functional units provide four floating-/fixed-point ALUs, two fixed-point ALUs, and two floating-/fixed-point multipliers. The C6701 can produce two multiply-accumulates (MACs) per cycle for a total of 334 million MACs per second (MMACS). The C6701 DSP also has application-specific hardware logic, on-chip Memory and additional on-chip peripherals. The C6701 includes a large bank of on-chip Memory and has a powerful and diverse set of peripherals. Program Memory consists of a 64K-byte block that is user-configurable as cache or memory-mapped program space. Data Memory consists of two 32K-byte blocks of RAM. The peripheral set includes two multichannel buffered serial ports (McBSPs), two general-purpose Timers a host-port Interface (HPI), and a glueless external Memory Interface (EMIF) capable of interfacing to SDRAM or SBSRAM and asynchronous peripherals. The C6701 has a complete set of development tools which includes: a new C compiler, an assembly optimizer to simplify programming and scheduling, and a Windows? debugger Interface for visibility into source code execution.
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TMX320C6701GJC   TMSC6701GJC16719V   TMS320C6701GJCA120   TMS320C6701GJC167   TMS320C6701GJC150  
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