Audio Decoder Dsp Family With Dual 32-bit Dsp Engine Technology

  The CS495303 CS495313 CS495304 CS495314 CS495313 DSP family are the enhanced versions of the CS495xx DSP family with higher overall performance and lower system cost. The CS4953XX includes all mainstream Audio processing codes in on-chip ROM. This saves external Memory for code storage. In addition, the intensive decoding tasks of Dolby Digital? Surround EX?, AAC multi-channel, DTS-ES 96/24, THX Ultra2 Cinema and Dolby Headphone can be accomplished without the expense of external SDRAM Memory With larger internal memories than the CS495xx, the CS49531x is designed to support up to 150 ms per channel Y of lip-sync delay. With 150 MHz internal clock speed, the CS4953XX supports the most demanding post-processing requirements. It is also designed for easy upgrading. Customers currently using the CS495xx can upgrade to the CS4953XX with minor hardware and software changes. Ordering Information A See page 28 for ordering information.
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