Automotive Catalog High-speed Low-power Precision Op Amps

  The TLE202X and TLE202XA devices are precision, high-speed, low-power Operational Amplifiers using a new Texas Instruments Excalibur process. These devices combine the best features of the OP21 with highly improved slew rate and unity-gain bandwidth. The complementary bipolar Excalibur process utilizes isolated vertical PNP Transistors that yield dramatic improvement in unity-gain bandwidth and slew rate over similar devices. The addition of a bias circuit in conjunction with this process results in extremely stable parameters with both time and temperature. This means that a precision device remains a precision device even with changes in temperature and over years of use. This combination of excellent dc performance with a common-mode input voltage range that includes the negative rail makes these devices the ideal choice for low-level signal conditioning applications in either single-supply or split-supply configurations. In addition, these devices offer phase-reversal protection circuitry that eliminates an unexpected change in output states when one of the inputs goes below the negative supply rail. A variety of available options includes small-outline versions for high-density systems applications. The Q-suffix devices are characterized for operation over the full Automotive temperature range of ?40?C to 125?C.
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