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  824 . . . D, DGV, OR PW PACKAGE (TOP VIEW) The LMV821 single, LMV822 dual, and LMV824 quad devices are low-voltage (2.5 V to 5.5 V), low-power commodity Operational Amplifiers Electrical characteristics are very similar to the LMV3xx Operational Amplifiers (low supply current, rail-to-rail outputs, input common-mode range, which includes ground). However, the LMV8xx devices offer a higher bandwidth (5.5 MHz typical) and faster slew rate (1.9 V/ ? s typical). The LMV8xx devices are cost-effective solutions for applications requiring low-voltage/low-power operation and space-saving considerations. The LMV821 is available in the ultra-small DCK package, which is approximately half the size of SOT-23-5. The DCK package saves space on printed circuit boards and enables the design of small portable electronic devices (cordless and cellular phones, laptops, PDAs, PCMIA). It also allows the designer to place the device closer to the signal source to reduce noise pickup and increase signal integrity. The LMV8xx-Q1 devices are characterized for operation from ? 40 ? C to 125 ? C.
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