Automotive Catalog 3-v To 6-v Input 3-a Output Synchronous-buck Pwm Switcher

  As members of the SWIFT family of dc/dc Regulators the TPS54311 TPS54312, TPS54313 TPS54314 TPS54315 and TPS54316 low-input-voltage high-output current synchronous-buck PWM converters integrate all required active components. Included on the substrate with the listed features are a true, high performance, voltage error amplifier that provides high performance under transient conditions; an undervoltage-lockout circuit to prevent start-up until the input voltage reaches 3 V; an internally and externally set slow-start circuit to limit in-rush currents; and a power good output useful for processor/logic reset, fault signaling, and supply sequencing. The TPS54311 TPS54312, TPS54313 TPS54314 TPS54315 and TPS54316 devices are available in a thermally enhanced 20-pin TSSOP (PWP) PowerPAD? package, which eliminates bulky heatsinks. Texas Instruments provides evaluation modules and the SWIFT designer software tool to aid in quickly achieving high-performance power supply designs to meet aggressive equipment development cycles.
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