Automotive Catalog Wide-input Synchronous Buck Controller

  The TPS4005x is a family of high-voltage, wide input (8 V to 40 V), synchronous, Step-down converters. The TPS4005x family offers design flexibility with a variety of user programmable functions, including soft-start, UVLO, operating frequency, voltage feedforward, high-side current limit, and loop compensation. The TPS4005x are also synchronizable to an external supply. They incorporate MOSFET Gate Drivers for external N-channel high-side and synchronous Rectifier (SR) MOSFETs. Gate drive logic incorporates anti-cross conduction circuitry to prevent simultaneous high-side and synchronous Rectifier conduction. The TPS4005x uses voltage feed-forward control techniques to provide good line regulation over the wide (4:1) input voltage range, and fast response to input line transients with near constant gain with input variation which eases loop compensation. The externally programmable current limit provides pulse-by-pulse current limit, as well as hiccup mode operation utilizing an internal fault Counter for longer duration overloads.
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