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  /ORDERING INFORMATION The TLE4275 is a monolithic integrated low-dropout Voltage Regulator offered in a 5-pin TO package. An input voltage up to 45 V is regulated to VOUT = 5 V (typ). The device can drive loads up to 450 mA and is short-circuit proof. At overtemperature, the TLE4275 is turned off by the incorporated temperature protection. A reset signal is generated for an output voltage, VOUT,rt, of 4.65 V (typ). The reset delay time can be programmed by the external delay Capacitor The input Capacitor CIN, compensates for line fluctuation. Using a Resistor of approximately 1 ?, in series with CIN, dampens the oscillation of input inductivity and input capacitance. The output Capacitor COUT, stabilizes the regulation circuit. Stability is specified at COUT ? 22 ?F and ESR ? 5 ?, within the operating temperature range. The control amplifier compares a reference voltage to a voltage that is proportional to the output voltage and drives the base of the series Transistor via a Buffer Saturation control as a function of the load current prevents any oversaturation of the power element. The device also incorporates a number of internal Circuits for protection against: ? Overload ? Overtemperature ? Reverse polarity ORDERING INFORMATION
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