6 Channel 1x Low Dropout Led Driver

  The AHK3296 is a linear current-sink LED driver, capable of driving up to six LEDs at 20.6mA each. Featuring indi- vidual low resistance, low drop-out voltage current sinks, the AHK3296 allows the LEDs to be regulated directly from a Lithium Ion/Polymer Battery without the need for an additional Step-up power supply, thereby reducing the external component count, eliminating switching noise and maximizing efficiency. AnalogicTech?s Simple Serial Control? (S2Cwire?) inter- face is used to enable, disable, and set the LED drive current for 32-level linear scale LED brightness control. To minimize the use of external components the LED cur- rent is set internally to a maximum of 20.6mA. The AHK3296 is packaged in a Pb-free, 10-pin SC70JW or 10-pin TDFN2.2x2.2 package and operates over the -40?C to +85?C temperature range.
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AHK3296IJQ-T1   AHK3296IDH-T1  
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