System-level Digital Signal Processor

  This section describes the main features, gives a brief functional overview of the TMS320VC5471 lists the pin assignments, and provides a signal description table. The data manual also provides a detailed description section, electrical specifications, parameter measurement information, and mechanical data section describing the available packaging. NOTE: This data manual is designed to be used in conjunction with the TMS320C54x? DSP Functional Overview (literature number SPRU307) and the TMS320VC547x CPU and Peripherals Reference Guide (literature number SPRU038). 2.1 Description The TMS320VC5471 integrates a DSP subsystem based on the TMS320C54x architecture and a RISC Microcontroller subsystem based on the ARM7TDMI core as shown in Figure 2?1. The DSP subsystem includes 72K x 16-bit SRAM a Timer a DMA controller, an external Memory Interface and two McBSPs. The MCU subsystem includes three Timers general-purpose I/O, an external Memory Interface and an Ethernet (10/100Base-T) Interface with a media-independent Interface (MII) port. The TMS320VC5471 is implemented as two major subsystems that are highly independent. The DSP subsystem includes the following modules: ? TMS320C54x? DSP core ? 72K x 16-bit internal SRAM organized as 32K x 16-bit of data SRAM and 40K x 16-bit of program SRAM ? ARM port Interface (API) to provide access by the MCU to 8K x 16 of the DSP?s data SRAM ? Two multichannel buffered serial ports (McBSPs) ? Phase-locked loop (PLL)
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