Sky73032-11 700 ? 1000 Mhz High Gain And Linearity Single Downconversion Mixer

  The SKY73032-11 is a fully integrated single mixer that includes Local Oscillator (LO) drivers, an LO switch, high linearity mixers, and large dynamic range Intermediate Frequency (IF) amplifiers. Low loss RF baluns have also been included to reduce design complications and lower system cost. The SKY73032-11 features an input IP3 of +27.0 dBm and a Noise Figure (NF) of 8.3 dB, making the device an ideal solution for high dynamic range systems such as 2G/3G base station Transceivers The LO switch provides more than 40 dB of isolation between LO inputs and supports the switching time required for GSM/EDGE base stations. The SKY73032-11 is manufactured using a robust silicon BiCMOS process and has been designed for optimum long-term reliability. The SKY73032-11 single downconversion mixer is provided in a compact, 20-pin 5 x 5 mm Multi-Chip Module (MCM). A functional block diagram is shown in Figure 1. The pin configuration and package are shown in Figure 2. Signal pin assignments and functional pin descriptions are provided in Table 1.
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