Dual 600ma Ldo Regulator With Enable Function

  The APE8839A is an efficient, precise dual-channel CMOS LDO Regulator optimized for ultra-low-quiescent applications. Regulators output1 and output2 are capable of sourcing 600mA of output current. The Regulators are stable with output Capacitors as low as 1?F, including current limit, thermal shutdown protection, fast transient response, low dropout voltage, high output accuracy, current limiting protection, and high ripple rejection ratio. The APE8839A contains internal pull high enable function that allows the output of each Regulator to be turned off independently. The APE8839A Regulators are available in used SO-8 with Exposed Pad package.
Item: APE8839A
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APE8839AMP-C   APE8839AMP-B   APE8839AMP-A  
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