150ma Ultra Low Dropout Positive Adjustable And Fixed Regulators

  The APU8850 device is an efficient linear Voltage Regulator with better than 2% initial voltage accuracy, very low dropout voltage and very low ground current designed especially for hand held, Battery powered applications. Other features of the device are: TTL compatible enable/shutdown control input, current limiting and thermal shutdown. The APU8850 is available in fixed and adjustable output voltage versions in a small SOT-23-5L, J-lead 2021-8, ESOP-8 & SOT-89 package.
Item: APU8850
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APU8850Y5-50   APU8850Y5-33   APU8850Y5-30   APU8850Y5-28   APU8850Y5-25   APU8850Y5-18   APU8850Y5   APU8850U-50   APU8850U-33   APU8850U-30   APU8850U-28   APU8850U-25   APU8850U-18   APU8850U   APU8850MP-50   APU8850MP-33   APU8850MP-30   APU8850MP-28   APU8850MP-25   APU8850MP-18  
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