18-bit Buffers/drivers With 3-state Outputs

  /ordering information The ?ABT162825 devices are 18-bit Buffers and Line Drivers designed specifically to improve both the performance and density of 3-state Memory address drivers, Clock Drivers and bus-oriented Receivers and Transmitters These devices provide true data and can be used as two 9-bit Buffers or one 18-bit Buffer The 3-state control Gate is a 2-input AND Gate with active-low inputs so that if either output-enable (OE1 or OE2) input is high, all nine affected outputs are in the high-impedance state. The outputs, which are designed to source or sink up to 12 mA, include equivalent 25-? series Resistors to reduce overshoot and undershoot.
Item: SN74ABT162825
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SN74ABT162825DLR   SN74ABT162825DLG4   SN74ABT162825DL   74ABT162825DLRG4  
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