24-lane 6-port Pcie Gen2 System Interconnect Switch With Non-transparent Bridging

  The 89HPES24NT6AG2 is a member of the IDT family of PCI Express? switching solutions. The PES24NT6AG2 is a 24-lane, 6-port system interconnect switch optimized for PCI Express Gen2 packet switching in high-performance applications, supporting multiple simulta- neous peer-to-peer traffic flows. Target applications include multi-host or intelligent I/O based systems where inter-domain Communication is required, such as servers, storage, Communications and embedded systems. With Non-Transparent Bridging functionality and innovative Switch Partitioning feature, the PES24NT6AG2 allows true multi-host or multi- processor Communications in a single device. Integrated DMA control- lers enable high-performance system design by off-loading data transfer operations across memories from the processors. Each lane is capable of 5 GT/s link speed in both directions and is fully compliant with PCI Express Base Specification 2.1.
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Integrated Device Technology
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