Cmos Hex Non-inverting Buffer/converter

  CD4009UB and CD4010B Hex Buffer Converters may be used as CMOS to TTL or DTL logic-level converters or CMOS high-sink-current drivers
Item: CD4010B
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CD4010BPWRG4   CD4010BPWRE4   CD4010BPWR   CD4010BPWG4   CD4010BPWE4   CD4010BPW   CD4010BNSRG4   CD4010BNSRE4   CD4010BNSR   CD4010BMTG4   CD4010BMTE4   CD4010BMT   CD4010BMG4   CD4010BME4   CD4010BM96G4   CD4010BM96E4   CD4010BM96   CD4010BM   CD4010BEE4   CD4010BE  
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