16-bit Buffers/line Drivers With 3-state Outputs

  The SN54ACT16244 and 74ACT16244 are 16-bit Buffers Line Drivers designed specifically to improve both the performance and density of 3-state Memory address drivers, Clock Drivers and bus-oriented Receivers and Transmitters They can be used as four 4-bit Buffers two 8-bit Buffers or one 16-bit Buffer The devices provide true outputs and symmetrical OE (active-low) output-enable inputs.
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74ACT16244DLRG4   74ACT16244DLR   74ACT16244DLG4   74ACT16244DL   74ACT16244DGGRG4   74ACT16244DGGRE4   74ACT16244DGGR  
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