Low Skew, 1-to-9 Differential-to-lvhstl Fanout Buffer

  The ICS8521I-03 is a low skew, 1-to-9 Differen- tial-to-LVHSTL Fanout Buffer and a member of the HiPerClockS? family of High Performance Clock Solutions from ICS. The ICS8521I-03 has two selectable clock inputs. Redundant clock pairs, CLK0, nCLK0 and CLK1, nCLK1 can accept most stan- dard differential input levels. The clock enable is internally syn- chronized to eliminate runt pulses on the outputs during asyn- chronous assertion/deassertion of the clock enable pin. Guaranteed output skew and part-to-part skew characteris- tics make the ICS8521I-03 ideal for today?s most advanced applications, such as IA64 and static RAMs. HiPerClockS? ,&6
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