Low Voltage, Low Skew, Pci / Pci-x Clock Generator

  The ICS8761I is a low voltage, low skew PCI / PCI-X Clock Generator and a member of the HiPerClockS? family of High Performance Clock Solutions from ICS. The ICS8761I has a select- able REF_CLK or crystal input. The REF_CLK input accepts LVCMOS or LVTTL input levels. The ICS8761I has a fully integrated PLL along with frequency configurable clock and feedback outputs for multiplying and regenerating clocks with ?zero delay?. Using a 20MHz or 25MHz crystal or a 33.333MHz or 66.666MHz reference frequency, the ICS8761I will generate output frequencies of 33.333MHz, 66.666MHz, 100MHZ and 133.333MHz simultaneously. The low impedance LVCMOS/LVTTL outputs of the ICS8761I are designed to drive 50? series or parallel terminated transmission lines. HiPerClockS? IC S
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