Crystal-to-mlvds Pci Express? Clock Synthesizer W/spread Spectrum

  The ICS845204 is a 4 output PCI Express clock synthesizer optimized to generate low jitter PCI Express? reference clocks with or without spread spectrum modulation and is a member of the HiPerClockS? family of high performance clock solutions from IDT. Spread type and amount can be configured via the SSC control pins. Using a 25MHz, 18pF parallel resonant crystal, the device will generate M-LVDS clocks at either 25MHz, 100MHZ 125MHz or 250MHz. The ICS845204 uses a low jitter VCO that easily meets PCI Express jitter requirements and is packaged in a 32-pin VFQFN package. HiPerClockS? ICS
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ICS845204A   845204AKT   845204AKLFT   845204AKLF   845204AK  
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