Li-ion Charger With Dynamic Power-path Management, Output Regulated To 4.4v

  The BQ24070 and BQ24071 are highly integrated Li-ion linear charger and system power-path management devices targeted at space-limited portable applications. The BQ24070 1 offer DC supply (AC adapter) power-path management with autonomous power-source selection, power FETs and current Sensors high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, and charge termination, in a single monolithic device. The BQ24070 1 power the system while independently charging the Battery This feature reduces the charge and discharge cycles on the Battery allows for proper charge termination and allows the system to run with an absent or defective Battery pack. This feature also allows for the system to instantaneously turn on from an external power source in the case of a deeply discharged Battery pack. The IC design is focused on supplying continuous power to the system when available from the AC adapter or Battery sources.
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BQ24071RHLTG4   BQ24071RHLT   BQ24071RHLRG4   BQ24071RHLR   BQ24070RHLTG4   BQ24070RHLT   BQ24070RHLRG4   BQ24070RHLR   BQ24070  
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