Puretouch? Capacitance Touch Ic With Integrated Keypad Led Drivers

  The LDS6028 is a programmable capacitance-to-digital converter (CDC) designed for use with capacitive Sensor arrays implementing touch-based input controls including sliders, scroll wheels, and buttons. Featuring 15 Sensor inputs, 8 of which are dual-purpose I/Os confgurable as either capacitive Sensor inputs or keypad LED drivers, the LDS6028 provides the fexibility to implement multiple touch inputs with integrated lighting effects using a single controller. When confgured for capacitive sensing, the I/Os are directed through an integrated switch matrix to a 500 kHz sigma-delta CDC which senses changes in the external Sensor array. When a suffciently large change in capacitance occurs, a Sensor activation is registered and the host processor is notifed. LED lighting effects are automatically initiated by a touch event with no processor intervention required. On-chip calibration logic continuously monitors the environment and automatically adjusts on-and-off threshold levels to prevent false Sensor activation. The LDS6028 is offered with both SPI-compatible and I 2 C-compatible Interfaces (active Interface selected by I/F select pin) and features a general-purpose input/output (GPIO) and interrupt output for additional Communication with the host processor.
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