Bqtiny-ii Dual Input Usb/ac Adpater 1-cell Li-ion Charger W/charge Enable & Temp Sense In Qfn-10

  The bqTINY-II series are highly-integrated, flexible Li-Ion linear charge and system Power Management devices for space-limited charger applications. In a single monolithic device, the bqTINY-II offers integrated USB-port and ac-adapter supply management with autonomous power-source selection, power-FET and current-sensor Interfaces high-accuracy current and voltage regulation, charge status, and charge termination. The bqTINY-II automatically selects the USB-port or the ac-adapter as the power source for the system. In the USB configuration, the host can select from two preset charge rates of 100 mA or 500 mA. In the ac-adapter configuration, an external Resistor sets the system or charge current. The bqTINY-II charges the Battery in three phases: conditioning, constant current, and constant voltage. Charge is terminated based on minimum current. An internal charge Timer provides a backup safety for charge termination. The bqTINY-II automatically restarts the charge if the Battery voltage falls below an internal threshold. The bqTINY-II automatically enters sleep mode when both supplies are removed.
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