Synchronous Ethernet Wan Pll

  The IDT82V3352 is an integrated, single-chip solution for the Syn- chronous Equipment Timing Source for Stratum 3, SMC, 4E and 4 clocks in SONET / SDH equipments, DWDM and Wireless base station, such as GSM, 3G, DSL concentrator, Router and Access Network appli- cations. The device supports three types of input clock sources: recovered clock from STM-N or OC-n, PDH network synchronization timing and external synchronization reference timing. The T0 path supports three primary operating modes: Free-Run, Locked and Holdover. In Free-Run mode, the DPLL refers to the master clock. In Locked mode, the DPLL locks to the selected input clock. In Holdover mode, the DPLL resorts to the frequency data acquired in Locked mode. Whatever the operating mode is, the DPLL gives a stable performance without being affected by operating conditions or silicon process variations.
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