Switch-mode Nicd/nimh Battery Charger W/negative Dv, Peak Voltage Detection, Dt/dt Termination

  The BQ2004 Fast Charge IC provides comprehensive fast charge control functions together with high-speed switching power control circuitry on a monolithic CMOS device. Integration of closed-loop current control circuitry allows the BQ2004 to be the basis of a cost-effective solution for stand-alone and systemintegrated chargers for batteries of one or more cells. Switch-activated discharge-beforecharge allows bq2004-based chargers to support Battery conditioning and capacity determination. High-efficiency power conversion is accomplished using the BQ2004 as a hysteretic PWM Controller for switch-mode regulation of the charging current. The BQ2004 may alternatively be used to Gate an externally regulated charging current. Fast charge may begin on application of the charging supply, replace-
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BQ2004SNTRG4   BQ2004SNTR   BQ2004SNG4   BQ2004SN   BQ2004PNG4   BQ2004PN  
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