Nicd/nimh Charge Controller With Dt/dt Termination

  The BQ2002D T Fast-Charge IC are low-cost CMOS battery-charge controllers able to provide reliable charge termination for both NiCd and NiMH Battery applications. Controlling a current-limited or constant-current supply allows the BQ2002D T to be the basis for a cost-effective stand-alone or system-integrated charger. The BQ2002D T integrates fast charge with optional top-off and pulsed-trickle control in a single IC for charging one or more NiCd or NiMH Battery cells. Fast charge is initiated on application of the charging supply or Battery replacement. For safety, fast charge is inhibited if the Battery temperature and voltage are outside configured limits. Fast charge is terminated by any of the following: ? ? n n n n Rate of temperature rise Maximum voltage Maximum temperature Maximum time ? ? ? ? ? After fast charge, the BQ2002T optionally tops-off and pulse-trickles the Battery per the pre-configured limits. Fast charge may be inhibited using the INH pin. The BQ2002D T may be placed in low-standby-power mode to reduce system power consumption. Pin Connections TM LED BAT VSS 1 2 3 4 8 7 6 5 CC INH VCC TS Pin Names TM LED BAT VSS Timer mode select input Charging status output Battery voltage input System ground TS VCC INH CC Temperature sense input Supply voltage input Charge inhibit input Charge control output 8-Pin DIP or Narrow SOIC PN-200201.eps BQ2002D T Selection Guide Part No. BQ2002D TCO 0.225 ? VCC HTF 0.25 ? VCC LTF None Fast Charge C/4 1C 2C C/4 1C 2C Time-Out 440 min 110 min 55 min 320 min 80 min 40 min Top-Off None None None C/64 C/16 None Maintenance None None None C/256 C/256 C/128 BQ2002T 0.225 ? VCC 0.25 ? VCC 0.4 ? VCC SLUS133B?JULY 2000 1 BQ2002D T Pin
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