Nicd/nimh Charge Controller With Negative Dv And Peak Voltage Detection Termination

  The bq2002 and bq2002/F Fast-Charge ICs are low-cost CMOS battery-charge controllers providing reliable charge termination for both NiCd and NiMH Battery applications. Controlling a current-limited or constant-current supply allows the bq2002/F to be the basis for a cost-effective stand-alone or system-integrated charger. The bq2002/F integrates fast charge with optional top-off and pulsed-trickle control in a single IC for charging one or more NiCd or NiMH Battery cells. Fast charge is initiated on application of the charging supply or Battery replacement. For safety, fast charge is inhibited if the Battery temperature and voltage are outside configured limits.
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BQ2002FSNTRG4   BQ2002FSNTR   BQ2002FSNG4   BQ2002FSN   BQ2002FPNE4   BQ2002FPN  
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