8 1 Differential-to-lvds Clock Multiplexer

  The ICS854S058I is an 8:1 Differential-to-LVDS Clock Multiplexer which can operate up to 2.5GHz. The ICS854S058I has 8 selectable differential clock inputs. The PCLK, nPCLK input pairs can accept LVPECL, LVDS or SSTL levels. The fully differential architecture and low propagation delay make it ideal for use in Clock Distribution Circuits The select pins have internal pulldown Resistors The SEL2 pin is the most significant bit and the binary number applied to the select pins will select the same numbered data input (i.e., 000 selects PCLK0, nPCLK0). HiPerClockS? ICS
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ICS854S058AIL   854S058AGILFT   854S058AGILF  
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