Automotive Catalog 8-channel Analog Multiplexer/demultiplexer With Injection-current Effect Control

  /ordering information This eight-channel CMOS Analog Multiplexer demultiplexer is pin compatible with the ?4051 function and, additionally, features injection-current effect control, which has excellent value in Automotive applications where voltages in excess of normal supply voltages are common. The injection-current effect control allows signals at disabled analog input channels to exceed the supply voltage without affecting the signal of the enabled analog channel. This eliminates the need for external Diode Resistor networks typically used to keep the analog channel signals within the supply-voltage range. ORDERING INFORMATION
Item: SN74HC4851-Q1
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SN74HC4851QPWRQ1   SN74HC4851QDRQ1  
Texas Instruments Incorporated
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