Femtoclocks? Crystal-to-hcsl Clock Generator

  The ICS841654I is an optimized PCIe and sRIO Clock Generator and member of the HiPerClocks? family of high-performance clock solutions from IDT. The device uses a 25MHz parallel crystal to generate 100MHZ and 125MHz clock signals, replacing solutions requiring multiple Oscillator and fanout Buffer solutions. The device has excellent phase jitter (< 1ps rms) suitable to clock components requiring precise and low-jitter PCIe or sRIO or both clock signals. Designed for telecom, networking and industrial applications, the ICS841654I can also drive the high-speed sRIO and PCIe SerDes clock inputs of Communication processors, DSPs Switches and Bridges HiPerClockS? IC S
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ICS841654AGIT   ICS841654AGILFT   ICS841654AGILF   ICS841654AGI  
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