Two Phase Synchronous Pwm Controller With Integrated Fet Driver, Differential Current Sense

  The NX2422 is a two-phase PWM Controller with inte- grated FET driver designed for low voltage high current application. The two phase synchronous buck converter offers ripple cancelation for both input and output. The NX2422 uses differential remote sensing using either cur- rent sense Resistor or Inductor DCR sensing to achieve accurate current matching between the two channels. Differential sensing eliminates the error caused by PCB board trace resistance that otherwise presents when us- ing a single ended voltage sensing. In addition the NX2422 offers high drive current capabil- ity especially for keeping the synchronous MOSFET off during SW node transition, can provide regulated 5V to IC biasing and drivers via 5V bias Regulator allows the slave channel on and off via EN2_B pin while the main channel is working. Other features: PGOOD output, pro- grammable switching frequency and hiccup current lim- iting circuitry.
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