Single Supply 12v Synchronous Pwm Controller With Nmos Ldo Controller

  The NX2309 controller IC is a combination synchronous Buck and LDO controller IC designed to convert single 12V supply to low cost dual on board supply applica- tions. The synchronous controller is used for high cur- rent high efficiency step down DC to DC converter appli- cations while the LDO controller in conjunction with an external low cost N ch MOSFET can be used as a very low drop out Regulator in applications such as converting 3.3V to 2.5V output. Internal UVLO keeps both regula- tors off until the supply voltage exceeds 9V where inde- pendent internal digital soft starts get initiated to ramp up both outputs.The switching section has fixed hiccup current limit by sensing the Rdson of synchronous MOSFET. The LDO controller has Feedback Under Voltage Lock Out as a short circuit protection.Other fea- tures includes: 12V Gate drive capability , Adaptive dead band control.
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NX2309CUTR   NX2309CMTR  
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